Why JCS?

Our People

JCS prides itself on the caliber and quality of our staff. Each member of our staff completes extensive pre-employment skill assessments as well as drug testing and comprehensive background investigation to identify and hire only those candidates that meet our high expectations of performance. JCS is proud to say that the average tenure of our staff is 10 years, which provides you with consistent, knowledgeable staff to support your on-going network cabling needs. Beyond top quality installations, our staff brings integrity and reliability to the table to perform as an extension of your company.

Compliance to Standards

All JCS installations are completed with full compliance to prevailing standards –Category 5e….. Category 6…….. Copper…….. Fiber…….regardless of the standard – JCS has the expertise to ensure the project is compliant.

Certification Testing

JCS maintains an array of test equipment that supports testing of every type of cable that JCS installs. Every cable is tested prior to final acceptance by the customer. JCS believes this is a crucial step to assure the materials and workmanship yield the desired application performance levels on the network.

Four-way Machine Printed Labeling

JCS projects are designated utilizing a “four-way” labeling method using permanent, machine printed labels. This designation plan incorporates outlet or equipment cabinet identification based upon sequential numbering and/or physical locations. JCS believes this method provides significant benefit to the customer by decreasing the level of effort required when performing additions, moves, changes and/or maintenance that impact the existing cabling network.

Front of Wall Plate

Front of
Wall Plate
Cable Back of Wall Plate

Cable Back of
Wall Plate
Front of Patch Panel

Front of
Patch Panel
Cable Behind Patch Panel

Cable Behind
Patch Panel


All JCS installations are warranted for material and workmanship for a minimum period of one year from the date of installation. JCS continues to honor the warranty beyond one year for as long as JCS is the exclusive provider of communications wiring for your facility. JCS is certified to provide extended product warranties from Ortronics and Signamax.


JCS provides you with a complete package of documentation upon completion of the project as well as ongoing updates when your business requires changes to your network cabling. We provide you with floor plan drawings that detail station location, certification test results and a laminated floor plan for display in your equipment closet.