Certifications and Warranties

Certified Installer Plus legrand Ortronics is a manufacturer of quality structured cabling components. The Certified Installer Plus certification is truly unique since it focuses on the needs of both the Certified Installer companies and their customers, the End Users. JCS is certified by legrand Ortronics as a Certified Installer Plus.

JCS is proud to offer the following legrand Ortronics warranties:

5-Year Standard Product Warranty
15-year Extended Product Warranty
15-Year Product & Applications Assurance Warranty
25-Year NetClear® Warranty
Signamax Authorized Installer JCS is proud to be certified as a Signamax Authorized Installer. The Signamax Premise Connectivity System enables you to build a network infrastructure that can accommodate all your network operating systems — Ethernet, Fast Ethernet and Gigabit Ethernet applications. As a Signamax Authorized Installer, JCS can offer the 25-Year Connectivity/Cabling System Limited Warranty.